Episode 6 – The Truth About Stacey (Baby-Sitters Club #4) by Ann M. Martin

In this special throwbook episode, the babes tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth…about Stacey. In our tipsiest episode yet, we delve into the drama of the fourth Baby-Sitters Club novel. Hear Stacey’s big secret, how the baby-sitters handle an unfriendly rivalry, and learn about what the hell is wrong with Stacey’s parents.

Tipsiness brought to us by: Smuttynose, Clown Shoes, Pipeworks, Mikkeller, with a special pre-game appearance by Shiner, thanks to our good friend, Brian @foodsportsbeer.

Warning: book spoilers! If you don’t want to hear any spoilers, read the book and come back to listen!

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